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Default zmodo dvr connecting issue?

i have been talking to brian and he told me to post this here. first of i have a zmodo dvr and cameras outside the house. i found an app for my phone to try and let me see the cameras on my phone. i have some coolcams in the house and they run find on the coolcam app anywhere i have a wifi connection. my phone is not connected to any phone service i just use wifi. anyway i was hopeing i could get the dvr to let me see the dvr cameras on the internet using the wifi when i'm away from home like the coolcam app does now. well i can see the dvr cameras fine at home usinf the zviewer app and the ip address my dvr has in it and the port the dvr says is for that particular service. it has 80 and 5050 6050 7050 for ports on it. but when i'm not home it will not let me see them. i have entered about every port ip address i can into the motorola arris modem and still it fails. i have used ipv4 and ipv6 and nothing.so i'm asking if anyone happens to know just how i can get this thing to work. i have tried the ipchicken and i need to know if that ip address in the box when you firs get to the site is the real ip address or is it the on under the my ip button because they are different for me. and is that ip address the modem the computer or should i use the phone to get on the chicken site and see if the phone gets an ip address? enough for now.

thanks brian i tried and they have no clue or at least the person i talked to has no clue this is the page on my modem that assigns ports so tell me if i got any correct? i tried to enter the local port using the number you say are my ipv6 numbers but if fails any way i try. i used the complete number using the : and i tried just using the ::/60 like it shows in the ipv6 section look at the page and see. the local did not like any form of the number. the number you sent me was 2601:407:c002:b920:51da:c884:a529:5f2d i tried that in the ipv6 and still nothing. thanks
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