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Default Zentyal as a Firewall with Wireless Router

I have been reading through the posts and the Zentyal Documentation but I have not found a solution to the setup I hope to use.

Cable Modem (ISP) > eth0:::Zentyal:::eth1 > Cisco E4200 Wiress Router > Switch > Lan

Basically I want to use the Zentyal server as a Firewall and VPN Server. I use a wireless Router and wish to continue to use it rather than buy a second AP.

I think what I need to do is set eth0 as External WAN with DHCP from the modem

eth1 should be static, let's say

The router's default address is, to me this would be a conflict, should I change the router ip or change eth1 and set up a default route pointing to eth1. Since the Cisco Router has DHCP I would not need to configure that in the Zentyal Server.

I have Zentyal 2.2 installed on a stand alone box

If anyone else has set up something similar or can help with this I would be so very tremendously grateful.

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Welcome to the forum kmax9981.

The Zentyal is a full service Router Firewall.

What I would suggest is using all of the services of the Zentyal box and use the Cisco Router as an Access Point only. I think it would simplify the setup.

To use the Cisco as an AP only, you would want to turn off the DHCP Server and the NAT, it may even have an AP mode built in. You should then be able to connect the Cisco to the Zentyal local connection and use it as a switch and AP but you would not use the WAN or Internet port, just connect it to any one of the switch ports. If it doesn't connect, you may need a crossover cat6 cable.

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